Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Picture of a Lamp


Sample of unedited picture..just resize and put name on it..
how to get picture like this?
the camera setup
1- Exposure/shutter speed used : 1/800
2. Aperture : F/2.8
3- ISO : 640
4- Metering : Center Weight Average
5- No Flash.
6- it on a rainy night :))

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mr & Mrs Right to Be


Mr & Mrs Right to be

i don't like to pose formally as i don't like the end result. Thats why i like to make face (buat muka) when people taking my picture...haha and wondering what face im going to make during my wedding day..hahaha.

By that i would like to invite all of you to my wedding day on
25th August 2012, Saturday @ Kg Pulau Rumput Pekan Pahang - Bride Reception
1st September 2012, Saturday @ Kg Gajah Kluang Johor - Groom Reception

Saturday, July 7, 2012

amik mood nak kembali ngedit..


Siti Sharidah Binti Mahbib
Bukit Mahkota Kajang Selangor

How to get a picture like this.
1- Snap as good image as you can. Images must sharp especially on the subject eye (for portrait). enough light and dont use to high ISO unless you used 5DMKIII or D800 or equivalent dslr.
2- Photoshop or any picture editor software is a must. Even high-end camera user will post processing their image before publish or print it out. (Photoshop)Try to play with curve, color balance, brightness & contrast. Usually i'll use those tools to enhance my picture. In addition, i'll use portraiture plugin and sharpen tools for eyes and lips.
3- Finally add some vignette on the picture.