Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another one coming...

tired of waiting and being good to others

while doing nothing at office today (just configuring cisco AP) suddenly my phone rang..when i answer it, a women voice heard..firstly i was speak in English but suddenly the women ask me...

"hello en azmi...boleh dengar x encik azmi...?"
"ye saya dengar..."
"saya X dari X resources...nak panggil encik azmi untuk interview la"
"ooohh ok...bile tu ye cik...?"
"you mean this coming tuesday?"
"ye betol..jam 9.00 pagi ye encik azmi"
"ok baiklah...boleh cik emailkan saya detail address dan detail untuk interview ini pada saya nanti?"
"ok boleh nanti saya emailkan ya..."
"ok terima kasih ya..."
"ok sama2x.."

i hope this time it is not from any working agent or anything related to the outsourcing company..if i get this work, i'll might be staying much longer there depend on the benefit and the what i can get from there...FULL of HOPE...

i don't want to change too fast..but sometime you need to change it even faster before it became cancer to you...your sincerely friends..

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