Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Outstation to KedaH/Penang

last week i was send to kedah to settle my company's job at alor star......all the way to kedah my friend drove the car...we arrived at Alor star early at the sunday morning...done my subuh at masjid tmn uda and breakfast at jalan sultanah in front of BIMB...check in at pan sutera the evening i traveled to sg petani to done job there...

the 2nd day i travel to kulim and penang and after that go back to alor star....the 3rd day the job continue at penang...from seberang perai to bandar perda and continue to telok kumbar at the island....going to penang will not complete if didn't buy some 'jeruk'...the famous ole2x from penang....

the journey back to melaka it my turn to drive the car...althought didnt qualified to drive(no license) i drove the car back from ipoh to ayer keroh....hahaha

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misch suzi iryanti fadilah said...

jln2 g utare..
sy sgt sukee g utare..