Saturday, March 28, 2009

28 March 2009

arrived at malacca yesterday after taking half day leave..cannot wait to meet my 'busyuk' at night we walk together to naiman since don't have any transport.

saturday::go to mahkota parade-start with bowling and after that we take our lunch at seoul garden..we ate so many but still wasted because we should stay and eat there until the shop closed.but we not.

after that we just hanging arround MP and Dataran Pahlawan..suddenly somebody smile and shout SEMYYYYYYYYY.....who ever heard that shout would know who was that..its ujie absolutely..seem she really miss me want to sepak n lempang people as always.

tomorrow i gonna go back to shah alam...sadly to leave my 'busyuk' again...we'll meet again some other time....ok


k.e.r.i. said...

neraka betul kalau terserempak dengan makcik tu.

missy suzi said...

haha.diam ko keri!!!
tuh namenyee..niat xnk jumpe aku..
tp jumpe awek semate2..
then Tuhan bg jumpe 'UJIE' dlm keadaan tgh bermadu canda berawan kasih di bawah pohon2 nan hijau.aih..darmaga memalukan..hahahahahahahahahahha..
lalu UJIE pon paggil,"SEMY!!!!"
lalu haru biru seketike saat itu..
sbb tukang haru stat buat hawow.haha.xnk2 jumpe then jumpe!!Tuhan skang mmg byr cash je card OUT..kehkeh~

semy said...

aku menjadi mangse..oooh tidak...