Monday, January 4, 2010

My heart is gone

Looking for a new job..people-friends-friend of boss please help me finding a new to work as in team or independently.5-6 working days a week.not a programmer but a network engineer or graphic also can try meh..hardcore in pc-laptop-printer-LCD projector software and hardware troubleshooting..master in network configuration and setup..from planning-cabling-terminating-configuring and troubleshooting.experienced in WiFi setup and WiMAX backhaul also CDMA-EVDO wireless broadband by streamyx.

anybody want to hire me please considered salary at least equivalent to degree graduated student or higher...EPF and SOCSO is a must.or anybody want to hire me as a team member in photography business but must be able to paid me salary per month...hahahhahahahhah


Alan Fadhlan said...

Adakah anda berminat dgn offshore???

semy said...

oo...amat berminat...tapi camana ngan minat aku terhadap photography..lelong sapa nak bli nikon d70s+18-55mm+50mm1.8+nissin & Sony a350+SAL18-70mm+50mm1.7+phottix batterygrip+sony HVL-F42AM dll 27K