Monday, September 27, 2010

DeFinisi ALbum

-Custom Album-
22 pages Hard cover and each pages
pictures design according to desirable layout and directly print to hard and thick paper
sometime photographer print photo with wax texture than stick it to the page and still it is call custom album..(ada macam2x jenis kulit untuk album jenis camni-crystal cover-leather cover-normal hard paper cover)
-Mock-Up or Sticky album-
mostly up to 4 roll for each sticky album (36pcs x 4) and pics sized from 4R to 8R printed and sticked to every pages of this album.the pics then covered with existing transparent plastic

-Magazine Style StoryBook Album-
pics edited and arranged plus desire wording and print out to a glossy paper same look like a magazine paper.this kind of album came with leather cover and usual album will contain up to 40 pages.

p/s:semua gambar album dicedok dari internet..dila abaikan signature, link dsb yg terdapat pada gambar2x tersebut

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