Thursday, April 30, 2009

merapu.. sms from my ceo to follow to the meeting and project presentation at ILF Telok Pelandok PD N9.still early so i reply OK..just long text msg i got from my ceo and i've just reply OK..hahah..

my bos drove mr @ haji ainan and me with his CRV and the journey took about 2hour to reach ILF.there we did some site visit hardware requirement estimation and case study presentation and no tea drink or even lunch..hhhahah..

before leave PD we took our lunch at apaname kedai dah tp aku penah makan kat sana mase gath kat ilham haritu..biaselah bos yg banje takan aku lak..haha

arrived at office arrround 315pm and continue my work looking for ILF image using google earth...sadly the area covered with cloud.cannot see la bro.ayu the ladybos ask me to make manual for CXR-100 wireless router AP.i've completely done it on 545 pm and before that bigbro @ muiz text me to pick him up at leskopek later on my way back to home.

waiting for muiz about 5min oustside leskopek and gone home with him..we not a gay i'm not felt like to exercise since my cheap and low quality notebook bag need to be repair because its koyak...the 2nd time my evening filled with doing some sewing and anak dare..bangga pn salmah.

malam cam biase diet x makan nasi tapi makan megi..botak pale...duit ade tapi save nak kawen..haahaa..duk tinguk heroes format ext HD main tenet...solat and tido..



k.e.r.i. said...

cakap je lah save duit nak angkat slr.

semy said...

ssh..gaji dok masuk lagi wei..takleh kicuh2x..ahhaha.

Abaan Pok Ya said...

muiz = her??muiz tu kan laki..dah tukar jantina ker??

Anonymous said...

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